Friday, June 26, 2015

iPhone & iPad Apps MARKETING by Jeffrey Hughes

For my birthday, my brother bought me the book "iPhone & iPad Apps MARKETING" by Jeffrey Hughes. I started reading it recently, and already gleaned a pretty good tip, which should have been pretty obvious, but I had missed it:  near the top of your App Store description, include some positive reviews. Duh! So I compiled the best reviews that I've gotten over the last 50 days or so, and when you look at them altogether, I have to say they do look pretty impressive :-) I've added them to my App Store description, so hopefully they will be posted up there in the next day or two.

Reader for Gmail Download / App Store Link:

Awesome app (5 stars)
This update was really great and this app has earned a place on my home screen.

Awesome  (5 stars)
This is great! Love it.
It works well and reads all my messages to me whilst I'm driving. Very handy app.

Useful (5 stars)
Great for long mails when you are driving or walking. The filtering works surprisingly
well. Better than the alternatives.

Listen to your email out loud (5 stars)
Unique and creative app that lets you hear your Gmail out loud. Useful for those who
need assistance this way.

Useful (5 stars)
This app is really useful for me. It makes it easier for me to read my email.

Nice (5 stars)
Little useful app. I spent a lot less time reading gmails.

Good app (5 stars)
A very creative concept. It is the perfect app for busy people and who contact like
read all emails. Great concept!!

Great app (5 stars)
I use it whenever I need to do something and don't have time to read. I just open the app
and hear the mail. Very useful!

Excellent (5 stars)
Great reader for all you gmail people. It's great!

Awesome of emails (5 stars)
This app will read your email back to you. Great for if you're busy.

Smart! (5 stars)
Very smart app, I love the functionality! Plus it looks clean and nice.

Excellent (5 stars)
A must have tool. Very good. Thanks to the developer. Keep up the good work.

Like most people, I tend to feel much worse about 1 or 2 negative reviews than I feel good about 15 positive reviews. I don't know why that is! Just human nature I guess.