Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ready to Compete!

Our 3 minute pitch presentation was re-worked and fine-tuned this week and in my unbiased opinion it looks awesome! The big event happens tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30 pm AST, see https://voltaeffect.com/cohort/ for links to watch online. We are scheduled to be the 4th of 15 teams presenting, at 5:55 pm.

I had been hoping to get AMOS out on the water this weekend for a bit, but the weather did not really cooperate:

We got over 15 cm of snow on Saturday, May 9!!! There isn't really a spring season in New Brunswick. Just winter, 2nd winter, and then black fly season.

Last week this new little GPS stick arrived:

so I plugged it into the Pi and tried it out. From a cold start it wasn't as fast as advertised. It took 5 minutes to find 4 satellites (instead of the advertised 29 seconds). But this was still quite a bit faster than the 15 minutes that it was sometimes taking for the old GPS unit. The specified average accuracy was 5 m, and a quick backyard test (no I didn't really jump over the fence with AMOS) seemed to confirm this:

It's kind of a scary amount of detail that you can get in this Esri / ArcGIS mapping software... it allows you to zoom in even more than the level of this picture. Good thing I wasn't nude sun-bathing when the satellite took that picture. 😎


  1. Congratulations and best of luck today the sun is shing and hopefully AMOS will be fully awake for his performance this afternoon.

    1. Thank you! The real AMOS wasn't involved in this presentation, just pictures and video! Our presentation was good I think, but we didn't win - still a good experience though.