Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Backyard Puddle Test

We had a fair amount of rain yesterday and last night, which combined with the leftover snow from winter to make a giant puddle in the corner of our backyard. Although it didn't really provide quite enough room for AMOS to get going, I felt the need to try out the boat in  some actual water for the first time this year:

The boat quickly became fetched up on an alder and needed to be rescued by wading part-way into the puddle and reaching for it with a hockey stick. This version of AMOS (AMOS-Catamaran or AMOS-Cat for short) seemed to have about the same draught as the surfboard version, i.e. about one cm, maybe a bit more at the back end due to the weight of the battery.

A lot of work was done this past week on the new version of the PC BoatCaptain software for controlling AMOS and viewing info on ArcGIS maps. I was able to get the boat route, safety locations, and photographic locations all to appear properly in the application and in the saved web maps, and was also able to load those saved web maps into the application. For some reason though, I could only view multi-colored data points from within the application; when I tried to save a map with multi-colored data points in it to the web, all of the points in the web map became the same color. I suspect it's just a limitation of the SDK that I'm using, or the web service that does the saving of the map, but I asked a question on a relevant forum to see if anyone else knew.

For this week I want to focus more on the new BoatCaptain software for controlling and interacting with AMOS. The weather is quickly warming up and it will soon be time to start collecting more test data!

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