Tuesday, July 7, 2020

New Distance Record

AMOS set a new single-trip distance record on the weekend, but just barely: 10.95 km. According to this blog, the previous record was 10.85 km set last year. I had a route planned for a little over 12 km, but ran into a strong headwind on the final stretch and had to leave to go home for supper. Here's a video of the boat approaching the Walking Bridge:

Lots of people in motorboats paused to inspect AMOS on its journey, but luckily no one took it. Perhaps the crazy jumble of wires coming out of the back box act as a deterrent. I should probably transfer the warning text that I made for last year's AMOS to this one.

Here's the route that AMOS took, expressed as depth data:

The new 30A dual-motor driver arrived in the mail this week and I eagerly hooked it up to try it out, but goofed and reversed the + and - 12 volt battery wires by mistake. So... I never got it working and it now seems to be a brick. A replacement is on its way, but according to Amazon it's not expected until September. I got a shipping notification today though, so hopefully it won't really take that long.

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