Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Poor Printed Paddle

This evening I thought it might be cool to do a video demo for the blog of the prototype paddle that I 3-D printed. Until you actually try something, you're never really sure how it's going to go. Hope you have a good laugh:

The paddle was hinged so that it would bend freely in one direction but would be unable to bend in the other direction. In theory, this would allow a back and forth motion of the paddle to propel AMOS forward. I guess I'll need to think some more on the mechanical design of this one.

Today I also started writing some code for a new dissolved oxygen probe from Atlas Scientific. It uses an I2C interface and is fairly well documented, so it shouldn't be too hard to add. It had been on back order for about a month, but just shipped yesterday, so hopefully it will be here soon:

Other software work this week has been completed on the Boat Captain program for downloading data and log files from AMOS. 

On Friday afternoon, I did a short live demo of AMOS in downtown Fredericton. Everything worked great! Here's the track comparison image, depth data and a nice picture that AMOS took before it returned to the launching point:

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