Tuesday, July 21, 2020


This weekend, a second attempt at writing a complete geo-message on the St. John River was made:

Due to the cloud cover that day, AMOS didn't have enough charge to complete the approximately 10 km message: "AMOS WAS HERE". The intended route was indicated in the above screenshots by the yellow path. The GPS points listed in the ship's log file are the white points at top, and the measured depth data (collected every second) appears below.

The dissolved oxygen software was coded last week, and the actual equipment arrived yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow I'll find some time to hook it up and try out the calibration routine (it can be calibrated in air to atmospheric oxygen levels). 

A few days were also devoted to working out some bugs (really just code that was never finished) for various network communications routines in the new BoatCaptain user software. 

We are also now trying to find beta test locations for AMOS. If you happen to know of anyone needing automated, geographically distributed water monitoring (preferably in Atlantic Canada), please let me know!!! 

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