Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Leaky Dissolved O2 Sensor?

 After acquiring a few weeks of experience with the new dissolved oxygen sensor on AMOS, I am unfortunately a bit disappointed with its performance. Software-wise and electrically it worked great. They have some nice simple I2C and serial commands for getting data and calibrating, and you can get temperature compensated data at a rate of about 1 Hz. The bad part is that the calibration doesn't seem to hold for more than a few hours. The sensor probe is a galvanic one, in the sense that it uses an anode and cathode surrounded by an electrolyte to produce an electric current (and small voltage) when oxygen molecules cross over the probe's membrane. If I fill the probe with electrolyte (requires ~ 2 ml), calibrate, and then do a test run with AMOS, the results seem generally pretty good. If I go out again even just a few hours later, the results seem a bit lower, and then lower still the next day. Even re-calibrating doesn't really seem to work very well if it has been a long time since the initial filling of electrolyte solution. The membrane on the probe is quite thin, and a bit flimsy (slightly thicker than saran wrap), so I'm wondering if it just doesn't make a very tight seal? The online shop where I bought the sensor sent me an email request to review it, so I gave it a mediocre 3 stars with a description of the issues I was having. They said that they would forward my comments to the manufacturer, so we'll see if I hear back. 

Anyway, here are some pretty good results obtained near downtown Fredericton on Saturday, about an hour after filling with electrolyte and calibrating:

The dissolved O2 readings were all within a narrow band of 9.1 to 9.2 mg/L, which is a normal, expected level for the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. 

Later that afternoon I took AMOS out to Woolastook to collect some more data, but this time the readings started off a bit under 9 mg/L, jumped around a bit, and then seemed to gradually drift lower to under 5 mg/L as AMOS traveled along the 4 km route:

Today I re-visited Woolastook, and performed a re-calibration before leaving, but did not re-fill any of the electrolyte. This time the dissolved O2 started off at around 7 mg/L, and then dropped down to nearly 0 mg/L about halfway through the test: 

Since I saw a number of small fish swimming around, I don't think the level could have possibly been that low! I'll try going back tomorrow, but will top up the electrolyte again to see what difference that makes. The probe manual is vague about how often re-calibration is required, but does say that the electrolyte should last for about 2 years before it is depleted. Perhaps there is an issue with dragging the probe behind AMOS? It is mostly horizontal while AMOS is moving. Or maybe the probe membrane is getting damaged by dragging it through shallow water, grass, etc. close to the shoreline? I'll try not to waste too much more time on this, but these things kind of bother me! 😖

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